We're All In This Together

Far be it from me to try and understand the sovereignty of the Lord, but in the last few weeks, ever since I started this blog/website, I feel like the Lord has been highlighting others in my life that have either started blogs recently or have already embarked upon this creative journey well before myself. While my flesh had some desire to feel threatened or inferior, my spirit was stirred by the prospect of occupying the same space as these brave and inspiring souls.

If I'm being completely honest, I don't have much in the way of original thoughts or material this week. The reason for this is because I've been trying to be intentional in taking in the different blog posts and podcasts of these pioneers, and I've been getting blasted on a consistent basis by the authenticity, vulnerability, and willingness of my contemporaries. It has been an honor witnessing, thus far, the passion and fearlessness it takes to run with the dreams deposited in the hearts of people whose lives resonate with the resounding 'Yes' of the Lord. 

So, in lieu of original material, I would like to share with you some writers and posts that have ministered to me personally, as recently as this past week:


In this powerful piece, Ellie Paik, Co-Director of Perichoresis, opens up about the difficulty of letting go of her past and embracing who she was meant to be as well as inspiring her readers to do the same:

"The content we create is dedicated to those who have been rejected, hurt, and are afraid to showcase what they are passionate about. As we step out and take risks, we hope you’re inspired to do the same and SHINE."


This post comes from Pastor Sam Won, a close, personal friend, and fellow revivalist. He is also the founder of Pursuit NYC, an organization aptly described by their motto, "Revival or bust."

"... that is why we need one another. To be ears and eyes to Heaven for ourselves but also for others. Especially because you never know what they can’t see and hear, but need to and want to…"

Friends, it is my firm belief that we're all in this together. My voice is not better or worth more than those of my contemporaries. Rather, my voice is another in the chorus of many that seek to tell the world about the goodness of God and the importance of building one another up. Periodically, I will take the time to tell you about others in the region and beyond that are speaking truth and life in this region and its people. May you be blessed and encouraged this week by these awesome people and know that there is more to come!

God bless,